Sierra Chase is a Perth based slow fashion brand. Established in 2022, we have created modern garments that have been ethically and sustainably made. We believe that time and care must go into the creation of each and every collection piece, to ensure the utmost quality. 

We aim to create consciously made clothing that are of high quality, versatile and comfortable. Each piece can be styled with ease and can become a wardrobe staple. 



The core of our brand is to be both sustainable and ethical and we continually strive to be a conscious brand in all aspects of our business. The fashion industry is overrun by fast fashion, over production and unethical labour practices, and we hope that as a small, slow fashion business, we can impart our efforts to help create a more sustainable fashion industry. 


All of our pieces are designed, cut and sewn locally in Perth, Western Australia. We collaborate with a local studio and have an incredible team of artisan sewers and creators that help make our vision come to life. Not only does this ensure that all workers are being met with good and ethical working conditions, it also allows us to oversee that all garment production is being made with the utmost quality and eliminates carbon emissions from overseas import freight.

As we are a slow fashion brand, we only ever make limited quantities. This not only ensures there is no garment waste, but also limits mass consumption. Our Perth manufacturers also use a laser cutting technology to cut our fabric which minimises our fabric waste. 

Our fabrics are sourced locally from small Australian fabric suppliers and are made from sustainable materials of the highest quality. Our current collection consists of biodegradable fabrics such as cotton and bamboo that reduce our impact on the environment as they are not synthetically made and will not contribute to landfill pollution.


All of our items are packaged in 100% biodegradable parcels to reduce plastic usage. These can be cut up and put into compost after usage. 


We use carbon neutral shipping, which offsets the carbon emissions of each delivery to reduce the impact on the environment.